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Do you know that there are many people out there who copy or scan their friends’ or acquaintances’ transcripts and certificates and then change the data to pursue further studies or to enroll for employment?

However, most likely they get bad results on their study or their job, which ruins the reputations of the colleges and schools.

Those instances are no longer possible because good colleges, schools, companies and other institutions will check the originality of applicants’ transcripts and certificates at CCTC.



2. Facts About US:

CCTC will accept and register ANY students’ transcripts and certificates ONLY from Principals, and other responsibility Officers WHICH can be checked anywhere, anytime from www.CCTC-International.Com

This promotes a sense of security and makes the reputation of the INSTITUTIONS members skyrocket!

CCTC is The Center of Checking Transcripts and Certificates Worldwide.



False reports, transcripts and certificates will affect the institution’s reputation.
Submit your students’ reports, transcripts and certificates to CCTC to avoid cheating and to maintain your institution’s reputation.

Make your INSTITUTION affiliated with CCTC and register your students’ Transcripts and Certificates to avoid cheating and a sudden drop in your institution’s reputation.

“CCTC Affiliate Sign” shows the trusted colleges and schools worldwide
and will increase Your INSTITUTION’s Reputation.



If your college or school is one of these, it is vital to register your school or college to become a member of The International Colleges and Schools Association. www.ICS-Association.Com will help you translate into Legalized English Translation Transcripts and Certificates which can be recognized by CCTC-International.Com which will boost your college or school’s reputation.



3. Benefits as The International Colleges and
Schools Association Members !!!

1. Your students will receive Legalized English Translation Report, Transcripts & Certificates which are REGISTERED and can be checked anywhere, anytime at CCTC WITHOUT additional cost.

2. Your College or School will receive The Annual Certificate of Recognition from CCTC-International & ICS-Assoctiaon which is useful for accreditation;

3. Your College or School will receive The Crest Master Logos of CCTC-International & ICS-Assoctiaon which can be put on your printing documentations, brochures and promotions.

4. Your College or School will get free ISO 9001 from QQCert International ( worth $6,000 and annual surveillance $3,000 ).



Take Action NOW !!!
REGISTER your College or SchoolBECOMES The ICS-Association Member!!

“ICS-Association Members Sign” will increase Your INSTITUTION’s Prestige Worldwide.


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As it is our goal to be the most affordable International Education organization. In order to offer you the best value possible, we have to keep administrative/overhead costs as low as possible. For this reason, we may be away from the front desk at times for other responsibilities and we kindly ask for your understanding. If you wish to speak over the phone, please email us to book a telephone appointment, and we should be able to arrange a time to have a telephone conversation with you within 2 business days.



We speak English. Feel free to ask questions. However, it is required for all Schools and Colleges Members to be able to communicate in English. It is our goal to ensure your happiness as much as possible. We offer a high level of personal service with great attention to details. We want you to come as a guest and leave as a friend.

Mailing Address: Salamonkatu 379, CC, 9.krs, 00100, Helsinki – Finland

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Please email us to schedule a telephone appointment and we should be able to arrange a time to have a telephone conversation with you within 2 business days.